Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Indoor Fun

I subscribe to the Parents Magazine. It is a GREAT magazine, full of great advice, insight, and creative ideas. I was reading it yesterday and came across this article that I thought you might enjoy.

mother cooking with her daughter

The article is free to read if you become a member. It is FREE and EASY! I get great e-mails from them from time to time. What other magazines do you get that you enjoy reading and learning from? Please share!


Meg said...

I don't really read any parenting magazines, but my six-year-old gets Ladybug Magazine and my four-year-old gets Your Big Backyard. They both love them so much! Ladybug is full of poems, stories and beautiful artwork. Your Big Backyard is all about animals. I think having their own special magazine come each month in the mail definitely helps them be more interested in reading.

teacher2mom said...

That is SUCH a great idea Meg! I love that they each get their very own magazine. You are such a great mom. What better way to get them excited about reading than that! Thank you for sharing.