Sunday, March 6, 2011

Star Crayons

It sure has been a while! I'm happy to be posting again after a much needed vacay in the sun. :)
I found these adorable stars on another blog I contribute to.
I couldn't help but share them! If you want to know how to make these with your little ones go to Poshish. This is a fun way to make crayons that also give you a chance to teach your little one about shapes. You can easily make these with other shapes too such as a heart, circle, square or rectangle. Start keeping old crayons now so that you can make fun crafts such as these later!


Nand said...

lovely picture i love it.

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Nand said...

stars are looking too good.

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Carmen said...

Those look like great star crayons. We did bar shapes. This is a fun craft, isn't it? My Kiddos were glued to the oven window the entire time the crayons were melting.