Thursday, May 5, 2011

Texture Bins Part 2

Yikes! I meant to post about this yesterday but the day got away from me! Does that ever happen to you? I feel like it happens to me way too often!

The other day I posted about Texture Bins (aka sensory tubs) and was so excited to try them out on my little one. Let's just say, it was a total success!

I didn't bring out the water quite yet because I figure I'll do that when he gets bored of the beans, rice and ball bins. The ball bin wasn't a ball bin for very long before the balls were scattered about. But I figured that would happen. It just freed up another bin for Owen to scoop the rice and beans into. He sat and played for 35 minutes straight without a peep! Hooray! Victory! I was able to get completely ready without him tugging on my leg. :)

Of course it was a total MESS but that is why I put them out on our balcony. I also taught Owen that the bins and rice and beans stay outside. He learned this quickly and knew I wasn't going to budge even when he was trying to be sly and sneak some in his little fists. Stinker! 

We only ended up with a few pieces of rice here and there inside the house that would get inside his clothing or stuck to his little legs. We even revisited the tubs later in the day with some friends and it was yet again another hit. I am excited to switch out the tubs often with various items and I will for sure post when I do. The Activity Mom had a great idea the other day that we are going to have to try. Check it out!