Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting Ready to Write

As soon as Owen showed some interest in writing, I immediately started planning his own little writing center. I looked online at Ikea and found a perfect sized desk and chair for his room. I haven't bought it yet because I decided that I might start searching garage sales to find something that I can paint a fun color and rough up a bit. But this is my new project right now; and I want to get it up and running soon.

Now it might seem early for Owen to be interested in something like this since he is only 15 months, BUT it is important that we set the scene and mood when introducing new skills such as writing. I want Owen to be excited about it and as he gets older learn to grow to LOVE it.

So as I wait to buy/create his own little writing space, I have been busy making some crayon rolls for his "special" crayons to go in.

Owen loves to take the crayons out and in of their slots as well as scribble on paper. He especially loves to do this during church.
It rolls up so nicely and compact to take anywhere.
It was super easy and cheap to make and you can find the tutorial HERE.

And because it was so fun to make I decided to go crazy and make about 4 more for gifts.
Here is a girlie version:

Getting started is important as well as helping your child feel motivated and excited about learning.

What have you done or plan to do to help your child want to learn?

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The Activity Mom said...

When B showed interest in writing and drawing I made a writing box for him with different writing utensils, different papers and notebooks, and envelopes (you know the kind that come in the junkmail). Fun! =)

Anonymous said...

These are so cute! I have meaning to do this forever and haven't gotten around to it...maybe this will motivate me to actually do it :)

The Alvords said...

Oh my, I am obsessed with this! Love the rolls and can't wait for Lucy to be old enough to use one. I thikn you are the cutest and best mom ever, and I love reading about all of your ideas.

LoveLife{s.a.h.m.} said...

i had a friend make one for me. they are great! i love the crayon choice. lc always eats the crayons so i think i might go buy the ones u use. looks safer. haha

teacher2mom said...

I know, Owen also eats them too! I like colored pencils for that reason. They stick out of the crayon roll but they are less messy and don't get eaten. :)