Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Features!

We have finally completed our "Browse by Article" page and "Wonderful Websites" page. We hope this helps our readers better navigate our blog. Thanks to all of our followers for being patient with this process. Mama J and I are also sorry that we have been neglecting Teacher-2-Mom. We are excited to be featuring some exciting new material this April.

Here is a sneak peak at what's coming:
            Articles discussing....
              "The Phonics Dance"- An engaging and exciting way to teach your child phonics!
"Problem Solving" - The Singapore Math Way

      We are also going to be featuring guest writers on our blog, as well as more FREE giveaways!!!

Thanks for reading! 


Megan Hauze said...

As a teacher did you ever think about how much trust parents give you to watch over protect and teach the most important thing in their life. It's a huge deal. I already have anxiety about letting my kids be at school under someone eleses care. Do you think teachers take that seriously or do you think its mostly just another day at school?
John Hauze

teacher2mom said...

Now I do. Now that I'm a mom I realize the HUGE responsibility it is to care for, teach, and nurture these young minds. I know that without a doubt I loved each child in my classroom as mine own (esp. since I didn't have any children yet). I poured my heart and soul into teaching my students. And I believe that most teachers do. Most teachers go into teaching not for the paycheck, but because they love children and have a passion for teaching. And most take their job very seriously. Especially in the Davis School District!

I have the same anxiety you do about sending my kids off to spend the day with a complete stranger. It's freaking scary! Not to mention all the other influences that take place at school. (good and bad)

Here is my advice to you...STAY INVOLVED!From the minute your child starts Kindergarten to the day they graduate from high apart of their education experience. Make an effort to build a relationship with the teacher and get to know the school. Try to volunteer in the classroom. Do all you can to be an advocate for your child's education and things will work out...I promise!

Hope this helps!