Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3

Sweet and Simple

Love Notes

Writing notes throughout the day to your children, your children to you, to friends and to family is a great way to show each other how much you care. Of course I need to tie it in educationally: writing notes is also a great way to practice handwriting, complete sentences and grammar! 

Ways to make your love letters fun:
Use fun paper and fun ways to fold/decorate them
Write your letters on cookies! 
It is always fun to find love notes hidden in places throughout the day and children LOVE to surprise people and feel good that they are making others feel loved.

As always, this activity can be adapted to any and all age groups! If you have more questions about how you can adapt this activity (or any other activity!) please let us know!


shel said...

i've left little notes in my 2nd graders lunchbox. I also found online, not too long ago, jokes you can print out. It seems like these make her feel more comfortable instead of the notes. (I think her friends liked to see the notes)
but the jokes are fun and probably easier to share with friends at the lunch table at school :)

teacher2mom said...

Shel, what a great idea! I bet she felt so special getting those notes and being able to share the jokes. Jokes were ALWAYS a hit with my 1st graders too! ;)