Saturday, February 5, 2011

Heart-Shaped African Violets


I always loved when my first grade class and I planted flowers/plants together. It was a great hands-on learning experience. We always learned SO MUCH about plants. They also learned about responsibility, as they were in charge of keeping their plant alive (no I did not water them after school for them!). They learned about the parts of the plant and what a plant needs in order to stay alive. In addition they learned about the materials plants make in our world and how they keep us ALIVE. This activity was always a huge hit in Room 26.

Here is a fun way to bring science into your home while celebrating Valentine's Day.

All it takes to create African violets is a large healthy leaf, cut in half. To turn the leaf into a pretty gift, snip it into the shape of a heart. Using clean, sharp scissors, remove a leaf with 1 inch of stem from a plant, and shape the leaf (it was always fun to take a little field trip outside to find our leaves). Next, fill a small pot with fresh potting soil, and poke a hole in the soil with a pencil. Insert 3/4 inch of the stem, pack soil firmly around it, and water well. No sun needed!

(While rooting, the leaf should be covered with a glass jar or a plastic bag and removed from bright light to keep it moist.) 

A new "plantlet" should emerge in 6 to 8 weeks.

I love how these plants have little tags on them to indicate who's plant is who's. You could also add a little tag to it and give it away as a gift. Your child/children will absolutely love this activity and especially the responsibility that comes with it.

Happy Planting!

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Dave and Linds said...

i love this idea!! so cute and perfect because i have no outside windows in my classroom... (it may be a little depressing...)

thanks for sharing;)

teacher2mom said...

Linds they are super easy to keep alive! And you know me, I am not very good at the whole keeping plants alive. haha. Let me know how it turns out in your classroom!