Friday, February 25, 2011

Fun Outside

Being outside is always fun and I feel that children NEED to be outside at least a few times a day. So here is a fun activity for ANY age. I am thinking I'm going to try it with my toddler soon. I know he will have a blast! {and probably get real messy :)}

Materials: Paper, any size you can find; tempera paint powder (sold in places like Walmart in the craft/school supply section), bubbles and a bubble wand

After securing your paper to the ground outside, scatter tempera powder all over (more colors the better!). Next give your child some bubbles and let him blow them right onto the powder. They must get low to the ground and aim their bubbles to hit the powder. As the bubbles land on the powder, it magically turns to paint and begins to make crazy designs as the bubbles pop all over the place! It creates a really fun painting!

When I do this with my toddler, I'M going to blow the bubbles and let him pop them as they land on the paper. I am also going to let him get real messy by bringing a bucket of water out and letting him use a paint brush to "paint". He might also use his hands too. ;)

This was the perfect activity for my first graders at the end of the school year when we all needed a break.


Heather said...

Sounds so fun! My kids would love this! Thanks for the great idea.

Jackie said...

Love your blog! Check it all the time! I just bought some counter chips (you suggested manipulatives!!!) so sometime I hope you post some cool things to do with those.

teacher2mom said...

Jackie, counter chips are the BEST!! We will definitely do a post giving you more ideas on how to use this great tool soon. We're glad you like the blog and thank you for your support!

Nand said...

what colorful painting and combination i love the activities.

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Nand said...

love color image look like very beautiful.

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mohsin said...

this Sounds so fun! My kids would love this! Thanks for the great idea.