Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Great Learning Tool

I usually don't like to promote something that might cost some mula, however I saw this awesome learning tool at the library with my son the other day and I fell in love. I am thinking of investing in some myself. Of course my one year old might need to gain a little more advanced fine motor skills before he will use and enjoy them. But that will come soon enough!
{Magnetic Learning Numbers and Letters at Lakeshore}
As you can tell in the picture, you use the magnetic stick to trace or write the number with the magnetic ball inside. This is a great way for your beginner writers to practice writing their numbers AND letters. This product is also sold with letters too! My son was already interested in holding the stick and trying to make the ball move. I imagine in just a year or so he will be ready to use it the right way. I love finding different ways to introduce a new topic or to practice and this seems to be just the ticket.


Katie Smith said...

Cute! We have a puzzle like this but I hadn't seen these.

teacher2mom said...

Oh a puzzle would be so fun too!