Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Dinner Conversation

Day 13

Only one more day left of our 14 Days of Love and Crafts series! This also means there is only one more day left to enter into the GIVEAWAY!! If you haven't entered yet, go to the right sidebar and click on GIVEAWAYS and enter!!

What are you doing for Valentine's Day for your kiddos??

We love quick and easy ideas that are fun and engaging and here's another one for you.

Having a fun Valentine's Day dinner with the family? 

Make your own conversation hearts! These conversation hearts can be made on festive paper cut into hearts, folded in half and placed in a jar or some sort of container. Make up fun questions and write them on the hearts. Your kids can help out with this too! Pass around the jar during dinner (or any other time during the day) and have each family member pull out a heart and read a question. You can then go around the table and have everyone answer the question. Don't be afraid to make up silly questions! We played this game in my classroom during our Community Circle. My students LOVED creating the hearts/questions and had even more fun answering them. Sometimes we found ourselves laughing and sometimes their answers just melted my heart. It's a fun way to bring conversation to the table, while enjoying each others company and celebrating V-Day.

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leah said...

WAY cute idea! we will definitely be doing this :) thanks!